Tips and Tricks for Lash Extensions

Tips and Tricks for Lash Extensions

You have probably asked yourself more than once, what exactly you need to do, to keep your clients coming back to you again and again after eyelash extensions? How to keep clients and deal with competitors on the market? As your primary goal in the business is a profit, it’s very important to understand that you can reach this goal only if you have satisfied and happy clients who will recommend your services to others and who will be back for more with you. One satisfied client, means a minimum of two more new clients. As your success as a iLash extension product user is also our success, we would like to share some important information with you to keep in mind,

Do not save on the quality of the products that you use for your work

A very important thing is that you use quality products on your clients. Never save on the quality of the products. You can be an excellent and professional lash artist, but if you use low quality products and extensions, your work will just not stay on the clients and they will not be back for a repeat treatment, actually one unsatisfied client (the way woman talk) can mean a bad reputation for you. That’s why it is very important for you while you are in charge for choosing lash products for work to pay attention on quality of the lash extension, the quality of glue, even what you keep the glue on during a treatment is important – we highly recommend a Jade stone, because it is a natural material and it keeps the glue at a lower temperature therefor prolonging the use of the glue during the treatment, thus using a glue in the ideal conditions is a must and your bond between lash and extension will be more solid and then longer lasting. Also, the quality of the Primer – which is very important for the bonding process, firstly it helps to clean filth, oil and protein from natural lashes before work begins but it also aids in the setting of the glue preventing a long drying time

  • The Key also lies in the lightness of the lash extensions

For the client who wants volume lashes, as a general rule of thumb, the more volume the thinner the lash. Although with thicker lashes eg 0.15 or 0.2mm, extensions can be done faster and saves time on an infill making it easier to reach that full effect on the eye, still, it is recommended to use thinner lashes for the volume technique. For volume lashes always use 0.10mm thickness for 2-3D extensions on one natural lash and for 4-6D a 0.07mm is recommended and going full out 7-12D will be done with 0.05mm for mega volume. Remember, the higher the volume the thinner the lash. If the proper thickness and technique is used while applying extensions the new eyelash set has endless possibilities.

  • Placement for eyelash extension

The goal of each eyelash extension is to reach a natural look more or less anyway, that’s why we want to make sure that you know how and where to attach the extension. This means that its crucial you get yourself into proper training to know know where to attach each extension on the natural lash, and also how to use the glue. Important to get yourself educated in the classic lash extensions first (one on one) the basic technique and after some practice go on to the volume technique, so you can properly apply extensions and have satisfied clients returning to you for a long term lash relationship. If you still didn’t haven’t been through lash training, you are so welcome to contact us, where you will get certified and with quality equipment and products can just go on to have a successful new extension of your business.

With training available in Belgrade Serbia, Knysna South Africa and soon in Sarajevo Bosnia

You are so welcome to apply trough our contact page:

  • Use Nano Mister

Although the majority of beginners believe that the Nano Mister is excessive, it’s important to know the use of it. It optimizes extension duration, and also its helps with efficiently curing the adhesive on lashes. Not only will the Nano Mister cure the glue faster, but it also rehydrates the natural lashes of your client and also reduce the possibility of irritations. All that you need to finish your work is actually a little mist….

And lastly to end off it’s very important to introduce your clients to the correct after care of their extensions, but more about that and some tips for the therapist in our next blog…

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