The Lashes my dear – PART 2

“The LASHES my dear!”

-continuing our story-

what we use ourselves

Good Day ladies!

We are back and intensifying the discussion on eyelash extensions! Here at Lasting Cosmetics, as a supplier of quality products, we believe in educating our clients; so this time round we thought we would introduce two products: silk and faux mink lash extensions.

First things first – what’s the difference between the two in addition to the look of the thing?

Here goes:


  • Not made of real mink fur – made of synthetic materials designed to closely mimic real mink (as a result- a more superior quality product than the real thing)
  • Very light, natural and fine look and feel
  • 2/3 tapered lash
  • Semi-matte finish

The curl in faux mink lashes is permanent so no need to curl or perm them after they have been applied. This results in less maintenance (yay) and they are also quite long-lasting (double yay!). A very popular choice for the more natural look and a proper quality product. Because the lashes are so fine application time may be longer as more lashes need to be applied; but for the lady who wants THOSE eyes without spending an extra 20 minutes in front of a mirror each day – perfect solution. Do not expect a massively glamorous or heavy-set look – the key here is keeping things a bit more natural.

Here at Lasting Cosmetics we are absolutely against the use of real mink lashes and do not condone the harvesting of these at all. We only use and distribute

faux mink lashes; (see links below).


Silk Lash extensions are made of a synthetic based silk fiber.

  • 1/3 tapered lash
  • A heavier, more dense look with a dark, full finish
  • Semi-glossed finish

We prefer one-on-one and volume lashes- go have a look at our products on offer on site . Lashes are applied individually. Silk lashes are fuller at the bottom and thinner at the top; they come in a variety of curls and lengths and are waterproof – yet they’re still lightweight and natural-looking. Look into styles eg glamour lashes for brides, which are quite long and full. They require very little maintenance (huge plus), retain their curl and tend to shed with your natural lashes. An easy way to achieve that glossy, full, mascara look we so often see on our favorite celebs.

Remember ladies – you need to assess your client properly before applying lashes. Everyone has different types of natural lashes and not all styles will suit or be possible for all people. Depending on the condition of your client’s natural pretty blinkers, you can only achieve a certain degree of length and fullness. If not sure -start more natural than going straight for the Lady Gaga look – it’s always easier to add more lashes! Advise your clients accordingly and keep them for ever!

Please browse  to see the full range of lashes available from Lasting Cosmetics. We take real pride in our work and the products we supply – we, too, have done our homework properly and believe in only using the best materials out there available to us and providing our fellow therapists with the goods as well.

Specials also on offer

Any questions? – ask away at we will gladly assist.

Till next time pretties!


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