iLash Cards


Capacity: one card
Ingredient: Paper

The lash card is used to make life once again easier for you to do the best work that you can do. By placing the different lash lengths on your card you can now only remove one card with all the lengths on (8mm-16mm) when a client has to be done. No more sticking lash strips on your hands and then struggling to get them to stick a second or third time when you haven’t used the whole strip. Given free with lash tray orders

How to use:
Remove the strips with different lash lengths from your lash trays and place them on the marked section of the lash cards (marked by thickness and length, on top you can mark the curl that you are using) then place the lash card next to your client’s head and easily remove the lashes from the strips to make application faster, easier and cleaner than ever. After use place the lash card in the iLash box on one of the trays to be dust free waiting to be used for the next client.