Glue Primer 15ml


Capacity: 15ml
Ingredient: Acrylate, H2O, Surfactant

Primer helps the glue to make a stronger connection with the natural lash. It increases the persistency of the lashes and prevents efflorescence.
If you use it before applying glue, the monomer components lengthen the persistency. Because of its strong volatility, you do not have to keep you lashes dry for 24hrs anymore like we used to do in previous years.

How to use:
Put some of it in a container to use. Apply at the tip of the natural lashes with the 1mm/2mm micro brushes. Apply to each strand of the natural lashes before applying you lash extensions. There should not come in contact with the eye and if it gets into the eyes rinse out immediately with saline solution. It can have a burning sensation. Keep away from the glue it hardens the glue when mixed together.

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