How to improve your technique for volume lashes


Do you still have difficulties to make perfect fan for volume lashes even though you have successfully finished Volume training? Do you feel like you need hours to finish your clients volume lashes and you simply just don’t know how to speed up?

Do not despair, you are not the only one …. Every beginning is difficult and challenging and needs time and practice. Still, let’s see if we can give you some tips and information that might be useful.


Besides a good technique, you also need good quality material and equipment to give the best chance of success. The tweezers you will use, will not only improve your fan making, but it will also save you time. For volume techniques we always recommend L-tweezers. We call them L-tweezers, because on the edges these are shaped with a +/- 90 degree angle, just as the letter L. In our range there are more than one type of L tweezer:

L-short edge

Off course, it really is personal choice which one you choose but this is what some of the experts recommend, take them in your hands and get a feel for the weight and length of them, the tweezers will become like and extension of your body so try it out and see if you feel a kind of “soft” or “hard” grip, while you work with it. Also, depending of that what Volume you want to do, you will use different tweezers, me for example I can change in a treatment and use up to three tweezers. But in our shops we concluded that our buyers very often choose L-thick tweezers for higher volume lashes, L-short edge as an all rounder volume lashes and L-thin for lower volume lashes.


The majority of beginners will straight away start practicing making fans with longer lashes , for example 12 mm length and higher, but we found it is more helpful to start practicing with shorter number lashes, for example length 8 or 9or 10mm. Firstly, when you make a fan with a shorter length, it prevents you from getting an open base below the tweezers. So you will not have a fan that looks like the letter X (a fan up, and a fan down). Secondly, working with shorter lashes will teach you to take extensions lower down the base of the lash, which is also important when you make fans. While you take extensions, it is important how you take them from the strip. Therefore, take the lashes lower down (close to the strip), a. open your fan up before you remove it from the strip or b. pull it in the direction towards yourself and then make a fan in your hand or on the tape, depending of what method you prefer.


As we are available to help all those who are still not sure or secure in their techniques or work, for those who need a little more practice or just a little tweak to a technique, in our Training Centre we offer the possibility of improving various types of techniques for eyelash extensions. We make a groups and organize one day workshops with the Lash Master, who started first with education and training in lash extension, Elizna Tripkovic, 12 years of experience. Today, known in the wide lash educator’s circles in Serbia, (where the majority of them got their first techniques and knowledge from her), she selflessly share her knowledge over the broad territory of Serbia, in Bosnia, Montenegro and South Africa. Besides improving the techniques that you already know, you have the opportunity to get familiar with new techniques, that might be a better fit for you and will speed up your work.

Call us and register for lash workshop today. The number of students is limited to 6-12 students. For more information you are welcome to contact us.

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