5 Things you should know about eyelash extensions

Before you start eyelash extension, achieving a beautiful effect on your client’s eyes, we want to point you to a few important things you need to know.


1. The entire new set of eyelashes is not the same length! Your natural eyelashes are not the same length on the entire eye line. In the middle of the eye, natural eyelashes are longer than those on the edges of the eye. If you follow the line, that is the line of natural eyelashes on the eye, the lash extensions will look more natural on the client’s eye.

2. Extending eyelashes does not imply that one shape and length correspond to everyone! Each person has different lengths, thicknesses and shapes of natural lashes on his/her own eye. Thus, in the case of application, each extension should be so designed that for each client the length, thickness and shape of artificial eyelashes match the length, shape and thickness of the client’s natural eyelashes. Not all can have super long or super thick lashes, especially clients with naturally thin eyelashes.

3. Natural eyelashes are constantly growing and falling out! Of course, this process does not happen at the same time … As the natural eyelash falls, along with it falls the lash extension too. Depending on this, it is not possible to predict the exact time when and how the eyelash extensions will last. Looking through different phases and eyelash regeneration cycles, it can be said that the best estimate is that 1 to 5 natural eyelashes, including those applied, will fall out each day, and the correction of the eyelash extensions should be done when there is not enough lashes in the eye to give a complete look.

4. Natural eyelashes grow to a certain length – depending from person to person! When a natural eyelash reaches a certain length on the eye, it will fall off after a period of time just like hair. If the eyelashes are applied correctly and fairly maintained, they will come off with a natural lash and will still be attached to the natural eyelash.

5. Make-up can also be used with eyelash extensions! As long as you have eyelash extensions, of course you can use makeup, eye shadow, liner or creon. You can apply mascara, but it is not necessary and not really recommended. In the event that the eyelash extension has fallen off before the natural eyelash, this means that the adhesive used is not strong enough to bind to the natural hair or the right procedure was not followed, meaning that the base of the eyelash extension was not solidly attached to the natural lash.

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